Have you ever been confronted with the situation of needing to do CPR?

You don’t need special or formal training, anyone can help! Vinnie Jones shows us how…
Remember, first step is call 911 (US) or 999 (UK) or whatever your country’s emergency number is, allow the emergency dispatcher to give you instructions. Otherwise, follow Vinnie’s example and see if CPR is needed!




What about needing to use an AED? (Automated External Defibrillator)

If you’re lucky enough to have an AED available when someone suffers a cardiac event, it’s important to use it! AED’s come in numerous models, however they all serve the same basic function and work nearly identical. As you see in this video, you press the power button and follow the voice prompts. It’s basically that simple. An AED is designed to be used by EVERYONE, you don’t need special training to use it! If someone is unresponsive and you’re afraid they’re suffering a cardiac event, after calling 911, press the power button and follow the AED’s instructions, along with any instructions from the emergency dispatcher.



Performing CPR is a truly life saving procedure and extremely easy to learn. If you’d still like to get some formal hands on training, check out the American Heart Association’s website to find a CPR class in your area. For other countries, if you’re unsure who to ask, check with your local fire department or ambulance service. Many of them offer classes or can tell you where to take a CPR class.